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The following automotive companiesin China have job vacancies:

Audi, Volvo/Geely, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automotive,Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW/BMW Brillance, Jaguar Land Rover/ Chery Jaguar LandRover, Volkswagen, Qoros, Nissan/Infinity, BYD and others.

These companies shared multiple job openings (A selection, more locations and jobs available):

Quality Engineer (Shanghai), Technical Design Engineer, Robotics Engineer (Beijing), R&D Engineer (Beijing/Shanghai), Powertrain Engineer (Shanghai),Development & Testing Engineer (Shanghai), Engine Engineer (Shanghai/Changchun), Development Engineer (Shanghai), Manufacturing & Assembly Engineer (Shanghai), Hardware Design Release Engineer (Shanghai), Technical Purchasing Engineer (Beijing).


Any graduate with a technical degree and interested in a career inthe automotive market in China, please send your resume in WORD format to hanswijsma@gmail.comand this is completely free for students. You can also connect on wechat and linkedin with Hans Wijsma. The details are atthe end of this document.

Important Notice:

At present, these are onlyjob vacancies in the automotive industry. Howe-ver, the graduates from othermajors, interested in working back in China, can also send the resumes to HansWijsma, who possibly can recommend graduates towards cross industry Chinese HR connections.

Introduction – Hans Wijsma& Heiwegen Consultancy

Hans Wijsma worked and lived in China for 8 years managing multiple compa-nies. In China, Hans mostly focussed on recruitment & talent management solutions. As a result, he has huge network amongst Chinese HR & recruitment professionals and executives (3500 links on Linkedin), covering many industries like Pharmaceutical, IT, Mobile, Retail, Luxury Goods, Software, Banking, Automotive, etc. This network enables Hans to introduce and recommend candidates directly to corporate recruiters in China.

Heiwegen Consultancy is recruitment & executive search agency with a 25 year history of executive search in the automotive industry. Hans and Heiwegen recently has established a partnership aimed at matching graduateswith China based automotive companies.



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